MOBILE STATION 4 INSPECTION LOCATION: Dukhan: 3-4, 17-18 May 2017 & 4-5, 18-19 June 2017 * Al Ruwais: 10-11, 24-25 May 2017 & 11-12, 25-26 June 2017 * Shahaniya: 7-9, 21-23 May 2017 & 6-8, 20-22 June 2017

Inspection Fees

Vehicle Category Fee Private Passenger Car 75QR Light Vehicle (private & public transport less than 3000kg) 80QR Heavy Vehicle (Private & Public Transport more than 3000kg) 125QR Trailers (Heavy Vehicles Trailers) 150QR Icon Shovel.jpg Heavy Equipment (For and Not For Road Use) 150QR Drinking Water Tanker 250QR Tank Capacity Certificate 150QR Motorcycle 50QR Hajj Bus 275QR Chassis Stamping (Heavy Vehicles Trailers only by reservation) 400QR Chassis Plate fitting (Heavy Vehicle Trailers only by reservation) 250QR
Only Card payments are accepted (Cash payments are being phased out Q3 2016)

Re-Inspection Fees

The 'main inspection' fees above includes one 'free of charge' re-inspection within 30 days of the main inspection for all vehicle categories except for water tankers that are 125Qr for the re-inspection.

If the first re-inspection is a 'FAIL' then the subsequent following re-inspection is a paid inspection at the normal main inspection rate, any inspections after this follows the pattern of one paid and one free if they are within the 30 days from the original main inspection. If a vehicle doesn't PASS within one month of the first main inspection all previous reports and repairs will be ignored and a new fresh main inspection will take place checking every item again.

External Inspection Fees (Commercial Fleet Operators ONLY)

External inspections are conducted at the commercial fleet operators premises (Conditions Apply)
Vehicle Category Fee Icon Shovel.jpg Heavy Equipment (For and Not For Road Use) 250QR
  Any additional other vehicle(s) can be inspected at the same time these additional vehicles must be:
  • under two years old
  • addition to the Heavy Equipment being inspected
  • at the same time and location

Conditions for external inspection:
The company location is safe, accessible and suitable for our inspection staff to work.

Other additional vehicles fees (extra to the 'heavy equipment' being inspected at the same time):
  • Heavy trailer (over 3m wide or multi-axle) 250QR
  • Heavy Vehicle (Private & Public Transport more than 3000kg) 250QR
  • Light Vehicle (private & public transport less than 3000kg) 150QR
  • Car 125QR
  • Motorcycle 100QR
  • Chassis Stamping (Heavy Vehicles Trailers) 800QR

IMPORTANT NOTES: Heavy Trailers 2.6m wide with 1,2 or 3 axles are not entitled to an external inspection.